Southeast Education & Training 

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General Overview

Southeast Education & Training, LLC is a teaching organization developed to offer a variety of firearms disciplines to a spectrum of constructive firearms users and to support those that desire or require the advanced expertise in small firearms training.  Programs offered typically begin with the National Rifle Association (NRA) First Steps course programs in pistol, rifle, and shotgun while leading into a better understanding of small arms safety with other NRA Certified Courses in Basic Pistol Shooting, Basic Rifle Shooting, and Basic Shotgun Shooting.


With regard to Home defense, offered is the NRA Certified Safety Course Basic Personal Protection Inside the Home.  The course educates in the matters of home firearm safety, managing an intrusion and more importantly understanding the aftermath. Too often gun owners believe that simply “flashing” a pistol or shotgun will deter a home-invader.  It doesn’t work that way. The course highlights preparation, presentation of commands and if required, shooting to incapacitate the threat.  Additionally students are instructed in procedural responses in contacting law enforcement during or after an incident while being prepared for the follow up police presence and investigation – all shootings are investigated.  Are you prepared or experienced enough to know what to do?


There are also more general firearms programs offered most notably the NRA Home Firearm Safety Course. This is a great program when there are firearms in the home (or in a place of one’s business) where others may not be familiar or possibly not interested in firearms but require the understanding have having firearms safely in the domestic environment.  This can also be a great family opportunity as part the foundation to Emergency Preparedness planning as well. Or, possibly an entre´ to a youth sport shooting program.


Southeast Education & Training also offers qualified Conceal Carry Courses for those seeking the permitting or licensing to legally carry a concealed weapon. The foundation of the program is based on the NRA First Steps Pistol course together with instruction to develop a general understanding of defensive shooting. Such additional skills are highlighted from advanced NRA and non-NRA course programming. This course is most commonly utilized in the application of Virginia and Florida Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit or licensing process.  Other more extensive handgun courses are also available for those citizens located in communities that may require more advanced training qualifications for “Carrying a Concealed Weapon”.  Always consult your local laws with these matters and when in doubt a local attorney.


Non-NRA firearms programs are also available for those that can demonstrate through certification or documented experience the appropriate competency.  These programs range from combat focus and defensive shooting to more tactical and close quarter combat related.


Such education and training includes advanced defensive pistol techniques, shooting on the move, operating in low-light conditions, single person house clearing, and the usage of primary and secondary (back-up) pistols and revolvers. In addition, custom multi-participant and team programs can be developed that may include advanced civilian neighborhood watch programs and natural disaster community security (remember the chaos of hurricane Katrina) while developing an understanding of firearm safety in an urban environment.


Other Non-NRA course opportunities include the education, training and usage of M-4 (AR-15) carbines and AK-47 (WASR-10) assault rifles in conjunction with the application of combat pistol training for civilian use.  Defined as Close Quarter Combat (CQC) and Close Quarter Battle (CQB), there are specific training opportunities, with a particular focus in the Military Operations Urban Terrain (MOUT) environment, that are available for advanced military and tactical law enforcement personnel as well.


All instructors are NRA Certified and/or are former Special Forces and Special Warfare operators with training designations appropriate to the particular course curriculums.  Some advanced training may be done in conjunction with designated private military and security contracting firms that are experts in a particular area of need.


Whether is be for the introduction into the sport shooting experience, the development of basic shooting skills, seeking the ability to legally carry a firearm concealed or something far more advanced, Southeast Education & Training is the solution. Call or email to discuss your firearm education and training needs.