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Concealed Weapon Permit

Conceal Weapon Permit/Licensure Qualifcation Course:

Carrying a concealed weapon is a serous responsibility.  Our course is designed to assist the Student in attaining the knowledge, skills and attitude required in carrying a firearm while developing a foundation to safely and compentantly handle and use a firearm for self-defense.

The program utilizes the NRA First Steps Program together with the addition of a non-NRA curriculum focused on practical self defense and combat focused weapon manipulation.  The class should be conisdered introdutory in nature
and although meets and exceeds the minimum safety compentency requirements as required by law, the class is by no means be considered anything more than a foundation course.  Students are directed embark on a path of continuing education and frequent range practice to be adequately prepared for a potential violent encounter.  There is a host of additional instructional courses and educational DVD's that the Student is strongly urged to pursue upon completions of this course. 

The class is generally 3 to 4 hours which includes classroom and range time.

Students are encouraged to bring the their "carrying firearm" (NO AMMO IN THE CLASSROOM!!!) and will receive general instruction of firearm safety together with an understanding of the characterisitcs of various firarms, the manipuation, loading and unloading of a firearm together with firearm and ammunition malfunction training, to name a few. Also included is an education of the basic laws of carrying a forearm concealed along with where and where you can not carry them.

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