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Advanced Training

Advanced Pistol:
This course is designed to develop skills for the student who uses his weapon as a primary firearm in a combat focused or possibly a tactical environment. The course begins with a safety and handling refresher with a lead towards fundamental shooting skills. Once mastered, the student will learn to develop new skill sets leading to the reduction of reaction time, learning to shoot more quickly with a higher degree of accuracy and the development of a general increase in confidence in the manipulation of the weapon under duress. The goal is to allow the student to develop an advanced foundation in combat focused situations applicable to real-life situation

Sample Items Covered: Safety and handling, Fundamentals of shooting, Ready positions,  Shooting positions, Reloads and malfunctions, Multiple shots Recoil management, Multiple targets Drawing from the holster, strong hand & weak hand shooting, shooting on the move and other asymmetric responses.

Tactical Carbine (M-4) / Assault Rifle (AK-47): The course curriculum is designed to develop understanding and proficiency with a tactical carbine or a general assault weapon (depending on course selection). Students will progress from basic handling and marksmanship skills to advanced shooting drills. This course will focus on techniques used in an urban environment.  Focus will be on weapon management and manipulation, speed, accuracy and general confidence in handling a carbine or assault rifle.

Sample Items Covered: Safety & fundamentals, weapon characteristics and basic maintenance, sighting and sight management, magazine manipulations, shooting positions, transition drills, multiple shots, shooting on the move.          

Pistol/Rifle Combination:
This course is designed for the individual interested in developing safe handling and shooting skills with both the handgun and the rifle (carbine/assault).  The program teaches the fundamentals of marksmanship and basic weapons manipulations to include: firing a carbine or an assault rifle in combination with the usage of a pistol while developing the skill-set to transition from a rifle to a pistol.  The pistol education will include drawing from the holster, reloading, and clearing malfunctions.  The curriculum evolves from basic skills to more challenging shooting drills that will reinforce the fundamentals of being able to successfully transition back and forth between the rifle and pistol. In addition the student will learn drills that can be practiced to maintain skills. For more qualified participants, the curriculum can be advanced to learning tactical applications and multi-person team approaches to combat focused and defensive operations.

Sample Items Covered:
Safety & Fundamentals of each type of firearm in terms of an understanding of the dynamics in weapon presentation and transitioning, developing an understanding of malfunctions and motivations leading to weapon transition, reloading weapons under duress, recoil management, shooting positions, multi-shot/multi-targets, shooting on the move, understanding the tactical use of concealment and cover.

Custom Programs & Curriculum:  Southeast Education & Training is capable of developing custom programs and curriculum tailored  to Student requirements and are scalable to almost any needs.  Qualified individuals and groups can be oriented towards more advanced programming conducted by former US Special Operations Command operators and instructors.

A particularly noteworthy program recently developed in response to increased Active Shooter and Multi-Assailant incidents has been an 'on-location' training program for Law Enforcement and Special Security first on-scene personnel.  Through a special teaming arrangement and the usage of Tier 1 Operators, Breachers and Instructors, the training program focuses on historically non-tactical, first on-scene law enforcement personnel and real world based scenarios while utilizing the Simunition® cadre of equipment and non-lethal ammunition.  Students are trained in close quarter combat, choreographed entry and basic breaching entry at schools and public venues typically within the community they serve. Contact us for more information.